1 Kitchen 5 Different Looks! The many looks of our kitchen and why I keep changing it.

Our Cottage in the Snow

We woke up to a few inches of snow this morning, so this afternoon I bundled up and went outside with my camera in hand to take a few pictures of our little cottage.

My ZEN KITCHEN Makeover - New Paint Color Reveal!

If you follow The Wicker House on Facebook or Instagram then you may remember me saying that I was going to repaint our kitchen cabinets. Well I did it! And today I want to share the new paint color with you.
Here is a look at our new Zen Kitchen Makeover!!!!

Hawaiian Style Interiors

We have a trip planned to go to Hawaii coming soon and really that is all I can think about these days. 
I have Hawaii on the brain....big time!

I have been to Hawaii once before, in fact my husband and I were married in Hawaii on the island of Kauai but that was over 15 years ago.  This time we are going to check out the Big Island. I am the most excited to see the black sand beach and volcano.  So tell me, have you visited the Big Island before? If so, what were some of your favorites sites to see? 

I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she said to me, "I bet you come home from your trip and decorate your whole house is a Hawaiian style".   And I laughed and said, "I bet your right" :)
I always get inspired when traveling to new places.

But then that got me thinking, What does a Hawaiian Style Home look like to me?  So I headed to Pinterest and dug deep into Hawaiian Style and found the best of the best. And so today, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Neutral ZEN Living Room & A New Rug

Hello, and Thank you for stopping by today!
It's been a while since I've shared pictures of our home here on the blog, in fact, I haven't shared our home at all this new year. The main reason for this is that I felt that I needed to take some time off from blogging and focus on my goals for the new year. After much thougth and several new Pinterest boards. I have discovered that I want to take our home in a new direction this year.

The phrase that keeps coming to me is Zen Living 

Valentine's Day Decoration - Wood Bead Hearts

Blogger's Top 10 Home And DIY Post of 2017

Happy New Year Friends!
I want to start this blog post out today with a big Thank You to all of you who read and follow along here at The Wicker House. I don't know if I would still be blogging after all of these years if it weren't for your sweet comments and friendship.

Today's post is a really heart-happy one for me.  I get to take a look back at last year's blog post and see which ones were my most viewed post. I love passing on the projects and ideas that come to me, and to see that they were well-received makes me smile :)

I am also joining in with a Large group of blogger friends, who are all sharing their top 10 post for the last year. Not only is this fun to see what was trending for the year, but if you happen to be a blogger, or advertiser then this is a great reference to see what kind of post received the most views.
A big Thank You to the lovely Cami from Tidbits for putting together this fun roundup.

Here we go! Let's count down to my number 1 post for 2017!!!

Beautiful & Cozy Christmas Decor

First of all, I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who stopped by to visit my Cozy Christmas Home Tour.  I always have so much fun decorating our home for the holidays and this year may just be my favorite look yet. 

As you may have read, Comfort Works, made me a beautiful new slipcover for my Ikea Ektorp sofa and it really tied together the whole cozy, winter, theme that I was going for this year.
You can learn more about my new slipcover HERE.

Cozy Christmas Home Tour 2017

Hooray for my favorite blog post of the whole year!!!
Seriously,  I absolutely Love to decorate our home for Christmas and share all about it here on the blog. I also love stopping by all of my favorite blogger's home to see how they celebrate the season in their own homes. It's just SO much fun for me!!

Today I joining 25 other bloggers in this Seasonal Simplicity Christmas Tour. Actually, this tour  has been running all week long and today is the last day. If you are not already following along, you can find all of the links and catch up at the end of this post. 

A big Thank You to Krista, from The Happy Housie, and April, from House by Hoff for hosting these Seasonal Simplicity Tours all year long. It's been a lot of fun!

New Slipcover for my Ikea Ektorp Sofa - Review

Hello friends!  
Have you ever wanted to change out your sofa for the different holidays or seasons?  Well, if you're anything like me, and addicted to decorating, then I think you are going to be excited about today's post.